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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Poem/Song: Oh, New Utopia!

From: Angus OMann
Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 6:47 PM
To: Susan Wright

Ms. Wright:

I had attached my submission as a Microsoft Word document in the email I sent moments ago. In case you have trouble opening it or files with attachments get blocked, I have also pasted the text below. Thank you again. Angus

Oh, New Utopia!

For Prince Lazarus & Queen Maureen

Oh beautiful for tropic skies!
Pink shells and coral reefs!
Seabirds above, bright fish below.
While ‘round us dolphins leap!

New Utopia! New Utopia!
Our paradise at sea!
No get-rich scheme, it is a dream
Come true for you and me!

New Utopia! New Utopia!
Flotilla of the free!
Where all relax and pay no tax
Or social security!

Afloat beneath the azure skies
Our hospital of fame!
Led by our Queen, the shy Maureen,
They heal body & brain.

New Utopia! New Utopia!
Our health spa of the sea!
We traded fears for health & years
Of increased longevity!

New Utopia! New Utopia!
Liferaft of Liberty!
Prince Lazarus, watch over us
And keep us strong and free!

Completed January 15, 2005 by poet Angus O’Mann for the glory of New Utopia and dedicated to Prince Lazarus and Queen Maureen. © 2005, Angus O’Mann


Anonymous Tony Nicodemous said...

Update on New Utopia Website at:
Posted by UK Pro Consul/Ambassador At Large.

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