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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wendy's needs a hand

Angus offers Wendy’s a hand.

The jokes have started, course they would:
Their chili’s finger-lickin’ good!
Their finger food is really fun!
Their burgers come in human buns!

Sales are down through Wendy’s system
As a fan I will assist them.
And urge them not to hide or choke.
They need to get in on the joke.

You’re in the news each day, don’t blow it.
Listen to your Fast Food Poet:
Launch a promotion that's a dilly:
Body parts in every Chili!

It’ll set the competition cursin’.
Collect ‘em all and build a person!
Bev got ankle! Phil got toes!
Pam got a nose that really blows!

Sam gave pinkies to sweet Bridget
(Her collections in the double digits!)
Jim got earlobes. So did Billy!
Lucky Sue got her first Willy!

copyright Angus O'Mann, Fast-Food Poet


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