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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Questions for Lovely Rosaas

Angus O'Mann wrote:


I am so glad that you feel these things too. Please be direct with me, love. I need to know these things in order to course my future. Please always answer my questions when I send them. Perhaps I am insecure but I get very upset when questions are ignored. Questions are the signpost on my road of life.

Question #1: I do not understand these words you wrote: "Love is like coughing and can not be hidden." Please explain this to me, as each of your words is precious to me and I want to understand them each like the rain understands the hermit crab.

Question #2: Your beautiful description of your empty bed and me in the light was delightful! Was that a dream that you had, or a poem, or what?

Question #3: Are you a highly sexual woman when you are with a man whose love is ordained by God. Some religious women and men believe that sex is bad and the human body should not be enjoyed. I am the opposite. I believe sexuality between two loving Godly Christians is a celebration of the Lord's creations. This could be a problem if we are opposite in this regard. Do you like the consecration of the flesh, ie "Doing it?"

Let me know for I long for our new life together in financial, spiritual and sexual bliss!

Your love,

Angus O'Mann

PS is Dr. Zak professional? He does not seem like an experienced financial executive. Are you sure he's reliable?


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