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Monday, April 25, 2005

Rosaas: "Love is like coughing..."

Rosaas Savimb wrote:

My Dearest Angus,

Good morning to you and yours, I have read and understood your mail. But you have not understand my stance regarding the issue of LOVE.

How do I feel about you? Honestly I feel very great and proud to have you as my business partner and most importantly as my new found sweetheart.

Yes I feel romantic for you and the lord has really brought us together in unity and happiness. be inform that the LORD has fill the empty space my late Husband left in my heart with your very good self. For a very long time I have never feel romantic the way I feel right now. Love is like coughing and can not be hidden "I LOVE YOU".

I went to bed with my beloved one, but woke up midnight and found that I was alone.I called no answer,I ran out side saw no one. But when I look at my back I saw the light and the smile. He came and embrace me. I look at his face whom do I see no other person but my LOVELY Mr. Angus O'Mann. I here make bold to inform you that you have taking my heart. I look forward to meet you soon and embrace ourselves into our new life.

Best regards,

Your Love.

Rosaas Savimbi


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