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Friday, April 15, 2005

Rosaas: Widow-in-distress

Angus OMann wrote:

Mrs. Rosa Savimbi:

I am sorry not to have returned your email, but I have been out of the country. You are a brave woman to have persevered through so much hardship. I am very sorry about the loss of your husband by the ruling party. I would like very much to assist you in any way I can. You just say the word and I'll do it.

God bless you,
Angus O'Mann
Poet Laureate

PS. How did you choose me? Are you still unmarried? How old are you?

Dear Angus,

I must commend you for the efforts you have put in place to send me this mail of complete solace from the almighty God who never fail,who directed our affair to this very moment will definitely guide us through this transaction.

I got your contact through Foreign trade mission here in Nigeria were I am residing presently on political asylum. Once again I go to thanks God to have avail onto me a very trust worthy partner of your calibre who would want for us to progress in life through the successful conclusion of this transaction.

Please be informed, that , the procedure of getting this done is that you will travel to Europe to take delivery of the Family Treasure. Therefore, for both parties interest, you need to send me your full names, address,your international passport, phone and fax numbers for documentations in your favour as the beneficiary of the Family Treasure.

You are requested to look out for a very viable business which the said funds will be invested on (my Family share) ,as we look forward to build prosperous and fruitful partnership for our lineage.
1) A letter of Authority(power of Attorney)will be given to you.
(2) Deposit certificate will also be sent to you.
This will help clear the legal aspect of this transaction. Be rest assured that we have a family reputation to maintain and make sure that this our transaction is been concluded within the confines of the law as I am a law abiding citizen. Please reply today along with the requested information and do not hesitate to ask any question if arise.

Thanks for your understanding and looking forward for a sincere and honest partnership.Its obvious that we have not met before, but I think we can move forward and study each other for prosperity.

I choose you to assist me based on the directives of the supreme creator of all. I prayed to GOD and asked Him to lead me to the right part and avail unto me a trust worthy person. To this end, I went in search of that person and you were found. Yes I am unmarried for now. And I am 51years old .Waiting for you. And hope to see you very soon. I pray fervently to the creator to give you the wisdom to carry our collective endeavor forward.


Mrs. R Savimbi.


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