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Friday, April 29, 2005

To Rosaas: My inbox heart is empty

Rosaas, love:

I will do all I can to expedite.

Why have you not answered any of the questions in my last emails? I take these things very personally.


Beloved Rosaas:

I have contacted Mr. Zak, love.

But I need to know if you feel the same way about me that I feel about you. And I need to get a straight answer as to whether you are going to meet me in Spain or not.

And you were to send me a picture, which I have not received.

My suitcase is full but my heart is empty. Money does not salve all wounds when ones heart is ailing. I think Shakespeare said that.

Angus O'Mann
Your Poet Laureate


I have waited by my computer, and no matter how many times I hit "reload" I do not receive your reply. My inbox, like my heart, is empty.

I have complied with all the business requests of Peter Yak and Amino Asid, and have done what is asked. Is this all this is for you? A financial transaction? Do you not feel any other connection with me the way I feel for you? Does the electrical current flow in one direction alone?

You remain elusive as to whether you will meet me in Madrid. You said you did not have travelling papers, then you did. Are you toying with me and my emotions? I ask you questions, and you email without the answers. Business Business Business. I cannot take this emotional rollercoaster.

Once you have your treasure, will that be the end of our relationship? Will you leave me behind like a smelly piece of cod in the sun? Why do you not respond?



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