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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rosaas: In God, Not Angus, I trust

Morning Mr. Angus,

I have read and understood your mail.

I have duly informed you of my stance regarding my family treasure and that stance remain valid. I do not have the time and money to waste in partnership with you any more for you have betrayed my trust reposed on you. I can not sit and watch you take me up and down all in the need to assist me.

Now you have come again by hiring a Spanish translator who will go with you, this is uncalled for,
I have requested you to kindly relinquished your partnership/nomination sign boldly on the documents with you and send to Barr Abdul Aminu and copy me as well, this is all I need from you and nothing else please. I have so much regards for you as a man. I am badly and seriously hurt with all your accusation calling me a scam. and liken my family treasure to that of a scam. I do not deemed it fit and joyful to have you as my trust worthy partner that I envisaged who surely want us to move forward in life. Remember in my previous mail I asked you if you are not playing with me. I sincerely agree with you that there are bad people and there are good ones as well.But in GOD I trust.

Honestly I look forward to receive from you today what I requested.

Mrs. Savimbi.

Friday, May 27, 2005

R: Thanks for the insult

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:

Dear Angus,

Thank you for the insult. I pray fervently that GOD almighty will reward you abundantly.

Now you have again accused me of acting more like Dr. Zak's partner instead of you. I do not act like his partner if you want to know. I have my monies in their custody. So I have to ensure that my Family's hope is safe and do not go into wrong hands that is what I think they try to do. I take you as my partner and acted that way, I did request him to give you all you requested, he called you several times and left a message on your phone. your phone been on answering mode he ask you to call him on the telephone so that both of you could discuss and arrive at a compromise. You then claim of your ill health that informed your inability to call or discuss on the telephone. Tell me how did I support him?

Mr. Angus, Do you realize what it is to handle business of this nature? I do not forgive you for you telling that Dr. Zak and I intend to take your money from you. Have you money?. Now you complain that I made you to lose over a US$1000 dollars. You do not lose a cent but I do. Its only a mad man that would go to sleep with his roof on fire. You insinuation or assumption can not take you any where. Do you remember when you told me that the seat on the aircraft will be empty? This statement give me reason to doubt you ability to work with me but then I have to be fully vindicated.

You think you are wise and very intelligent, But be rest assured that it were you stop that another man start from. You called me amateur simply because you feel you senior me and you are Mr know it all. You have the power of attorney with you. so how am I suppose to act?
Honestly I do not envisage this transaction to last long like this but I believe that man proposes and GOD disposes.I intend to end the relationship because of the short comings from you. be rest assured that this is an opportunity that you can never get any more as you stand to lose this.

I have requested you to sign on the two document you have with you that you have relinquished you partnership and send it to that attorney and copy me.

GOD bless you and yours.


OK. I accept your apology. I appreciate your prayer for God to reward me abundantly. I appreciate you saying that I am Senior you. I do not believe that. I believe we are equal in the eyes of the Lord. I will put aside my hurt feelings and I will pray that God almighty will reward you abundantly as well. You were more wise and level-headed than I to send a nice message instead of responding with anger.

I believe that we let our personal feelings get in the way of business. I have accepted the fact that we were not meant to have a personal relationship, and that we will not be together except as business partners. Today I hired a travel agent who will create my travel itinerary and make all of my travel arrangements to Madrid. I am meeting with a spanish-speaking translator who may accompany me on the trip as well.

Please tell me how you want me to send or secure your funds once I have satisfactorily received your family treasure.

best wishes,


PS. How did you know about my house burning down while I slept last year? Did you read the news report?

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Rosaas: Most chocked by email

Dearest Angus,

Thank you for your mail. I have read and understood the content therein. I am most chocked the your mail. Like as I have told you in my previous mail that I thought I understand and have an agreement with you. But to GOD be the glory

Be inform that I never called you a liar!! but rather asked who is lying. You told me one thing and I believe you and went on to confront the holder of my family treasure and got a different story, coming back to inform you the report from Spain you then give me another story which confirm that the Nordic are right. Now you accuse me of defending them.

Now you have also accused me of asking you for me and your advisers has told you earlier that I will soon ask you for money. To this end you have resolved that I am a scam (4.1.6) First I will say I do not forgive you for that statement. You claim to have spent US$1300 on flight ticket which is not refundable. I spend money in paying for the attorney's fee and the fee for the Power of Authority you have with you. I did not ask you for any cent.

The hotel they booked for you for two days was empty. GOD knows if I am telling you the truth. I out to have know before now that you are not in any way serious. I want to inform you that you have toy with an opportunity that can never come your way any more. Please you have to ask that your so called attorney to sign on the document you have with you, that you have voluntarily withdraw from the transaction and send back to my attorney and copy me.

But GOD will reward you for coming to wake up my love feelings that was deep asleep.
I want you to please do this soon.

Best regards,

Your love, Mrs. Savimbi

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rosaas: Goodbye (mature content)


Your attack on me is vicious and very personal. I shared intimate details about my most sensitive mental health issues. This was very difficult for me. You repaid my trust by scorning me and calling me a liar. You have treated me just like every other woman I have ever trusted, like I am a fraud and a joke. I really thought you were different. I know now that I was wrong.

Yes, I travelled extensively when I was a child throughout Asia, the Middle East and even Africa. In fact, I was in Nigeria back before it was overrun by vipers and thieves. It was a beautiful place back then. My father sold arms and technology on the International market. He brought us children and my mother along so that he looked like a tourist and raised less suspicion. Whenever we reached our destination and checked into our hotel, my father would beat each of us to within an inch of our lives, my mother included. He would tell us every single thing we did incorrectly, every reason we were worthless, as he delivered the blows with his belt or cane. The only time I was allowed to use a phone was when my father was away. He would call and berate me, insult me, belittle me, scorn me as you did, and describe my next beating, which would be more ferocious than the beating before.

You ask when my phobias started? I can tell you the exact moment my phobias started: March 17, 1969, 6:15 pm, CST. It was my tenth birthday. I had on a paper party hat. My mother had just set my birthday cake in front of me and returned to the kitchen. We thought she went for matches to light the candles, but she returned with Father's 12 gauge shotgun. With the first shot she blew off half of Father's face in front of the whole family. The second shot took care of the other half. This was almost a year to the day after I witnessed the death of my neighbor.

Rosaas, or whatever your name really is, you will never know how sad your request for money makes me. I invested over $1300 in a plane ticket which I cannot get back, and was just about to rebook my flight. I showed my travel requests to my psychiatrist, my therapist and my lawyer, to see if I was being unreasonable. Each told me the same thing. Each said they were normal, reasonable requests. That you defended Yak and not me indicated you two are partners, scamming me in some 4-1-6 scheme. I said "Rosaas is not like that. She has never asked for any money." Each of my three of my trusted advisors independently told me the same thing: "Just wait. She'll ask for money soon."

When I got home, there was your email: asking for money.

God bless you, Rosa, and keep you safe. I pray that the Lord will soften your heart, for it has turned hard and black as coal. I loved you, and maybe I always will... Though it seems that the woman I fell in love with, the beautiful black swan of my dream, was an illusion and probably always was.

Goodbye, dear Rosaas. The complete man will have to be complete without you. I must go unpack now, and put my clothes back in the drawer, my cash back in the safe and my dreams, for now, on hold.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:

Dearest Angus,

Good day to you and yours. I hope and pray this mail meet you well. I have read and understood your mail.

You complain of phobia, when did you developed this? You use to travel with your father on international business.!!!

I am highly disturbed with your complain, I have contacted my family attorney regarding you stance and that of Spain (Dr. Zak) and he has advise as follow:-
After careful review of our correspondence he requested you to get in touch with Dr Zak and conclude all other arrangement regarding your going there to take delivery of my family treasure.

That you have to send to Dr. Zak the sum of US$2500.00 as part of convincing them that you are serious and you mean what you are saying. This will be use as part of paying for the hotel reservation.

He also doubt your sincerity and ability to handle and manage the family treasure.

Honestly I can not but give thanks to GOD for all his mercies on us. I completely agree with my family attorney. I can only believe that you are ready to assist me in getting this transaction concluded for our mutual benefits. Dr. Zak has told me that if you fail to talk to him on the telephone and arrange on how you coming to Spain and other modalities he is not interested and will not answer you even when you come. I do not doubt your claim that you can not talk on the telephone, to this reason I have to agree with my lawyer that you send the US$2500.00 to them, with that I can convince them that my nominee is sincere, reliable and trust worthy.

They are not happy with your attitude and they way and manner by which you are going about this transaction, knowing fully well that huge sum of monies is involved.
I look forward to read from you today to enable me know the next line of action.

Best regards,
Your love, Mrs. R. Savimbi

Sunday, May 15, 2005

R: Ghost of Jonas Savimbi

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:

Dearest Angus,

I have read and understood your mails, I hope and pray that this mail meet you well.
My heart bleed that you have this problems ,You have gone through the website I sent to you regarding my late husband,the only things you can pick out from there is "(rape, murder, burn women and children alive, etc.)" May GOD almighty forgive you for this.

I want you to take Iraq for example where America and Britain has gone to over run the Saddam's Government. Would the world asume that President Bush and blair committ and aid all those atrocity that is still going on there today? Jonas was just a leader that want the rule of low, equal right and justice for all his people. You have further compound my pains with your mail. I can not hide my feelings. Honestly I do not expect such from you most importantly when we talk of loving each other. I really do not want to talk of him in order not to refresh the wound inflicted on me with that lost.

First you complain of Dr.Zak not like a professional financial executive, all because he do not serve your needs You also informed me that he did not book hotel reservation for you, but he sent you a reservation number which you have confirmed to be lie. However in your last mail you have agree that he only book for two days, who is lying? after which you now talk of two days, if you get there can't you extend the reservation? Be inform that his name is not Yak but Zak!!! I sincerely do not really understand you, your ability and reliability to handle this project.

You have also said that you can not embark on the trip if Dr. Zak do not give you his arrangement about who pick you up from the airport, give you land transportation arrangement. Honestly what is your concern with land transportation when whom you are going to meet in Spain is coming to pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel.

Dr. Zak Requested that you have to talk to him on the telephone so that you can arrange how you will be received in Spain.

Now with your request and that of Dr. Zak where do I go from here? I ask you?

I look forward to read from you today.

Best regards,

Your love, Mrs. Savimbi

Dearest Rosaas:

I did not make myself clear, and I am sorry for that. I was not disrespecting your husband. I read much about him and could see that he was a great leader. Some times in wars atrocities are necessary. Some times the men at the top must do things even they consider evil to acheive the ultimate good for their people. But that does not mean that it is easy and not painful for the ones like you who love such men. You must bear the news and innuendos, the curses of widows and the crying of orphans. It is the great men who get the blame. That is why they are great men, because they can bear it. They can risk their immortal souls for the good of their people, just like God sacrificed his only begotten Son so that we, his children, could be saved from the eternal fires of hell.

As for George W., My dear, we were attacked by ruthless and desperate zealots. Directly after 9/11, there was a silence around the world, I believe, and even enemies could empathize with the suffering our people endured. That was a defining moment. Bush could have called for unity, for peaceful resolution among nations. He could have said: "These people are wrong and they will be punished. But let's find out why these people feel such anger toward us. Let's change it." But he responded with the same ignorance and hate with which we were attacked. He indiscriminately bombed innocent people, not bin Laden. He used it as an excuse to justify attacking Iraq. Like Jonas, he is responsible for his decisions.

Rosa, you need to understand that people look at Bush and think that he represents America. But most Americans are good people, they are caring, but they are afraid. Our leaders exploit this. And that is why we are building the Principality of New-Utopia. With your political experience, you could be a valued leader there. And we will honor your husband, Jonas Savimbi. I do not condone his means, necessary or not, but if you say he was a good man, that is enough for me.

I am just a humble man, a lowly poet, a peasant. I am honored you could love me after having been with such a great leader.


Saturday, May 14, 2005

R: Pteromerhanophobia & Telephonobia

Rosaas, my black swan:

I am not playing with your life. I do have a confession to make.

I have a certain number of mental health issues in the area of phobias. I am very successfully treating them with medication and therapy, and am functioning quite normally. One of these phobias is called Pteromerhanophobia, which is a fear of air travel. You don't know how hard it was for me to make flight reservations and pay thousands of dollars to confront my greatest fear. I was driven for my love for you, and the longing of your gentle touch, and that made it possible. But to get on that plane I need to know that there is a strict itinerary: Who will pick me up, where I am staying, how I will get to the office. Mr. Yak, I later found out, DID make a reservation, but only for two days. Where will I go after that? He did not make any graound transportation arrangements. I cannot board the plane unless these things are secure.

I also am working through Telephonobia, a real and very common affliction that is a fear of telephones. I have made great progress in the past year in that I have been able to listen to messages on voice mail. My next phase is to learn to leave voice mail messages. In about a year, I hope to be able to actually speak to another person on a two-way call.

I know these things sound strange. But they will not be as hard to adjust to as the things your husbands Jonas used to do (rape, murder, burn women and children alive, etc.) And when you are my wife, you will be my main wife, not number four out of six.

As soon as Yak can get my detailed itinerary to me I will rebook my flight. I am willing to pay the fee, and have the money withdrawn.

How did you like the dream?

You are my black swan,


Friday, May 13, 2005

Rosaas: My black swan

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:
Dearest Mr. Angus,

Good day to you and yours. I sincerely hope and pray that this mail meet you in a happy mood. I have clarify your complain from Spain. Honestly I am disappointed over the report reaching me from Nordic office. That you have never talk to Mr Peter Zak on the telephone and when he called your phone is always on answering machine. You have never call him for once. do you remember that I requested you to call Dr. Peter Zak. I hope you are very much aware of the amount involved in this transaction.

Regarding the reservation, he said he booked a reservation for you. That the reservation number he sent to you is OK. Dearest Angus, I want you to tell me the truth if you are truly helping me?I hope you are not just playing with my life?

The third paragraph of your last mail has given me concerned, and its has also informed my sending you this following site so that you can view it for yourself. I totally disagree with you in that regards. Before that mail you sent three mail informing me that you are leaving for the airport and in the next few minute you sent the fourth mail to inform me that there is a problem. I ask you once more, Hope you are not playing with my life?

I am of the opinion that you have already see the above site on the net. My love feelings was asleep and you have come to wake it up. Foolishly, I fell in love with you and now look at what is happening. Please for GOD sake you have to talk to Mr. Zak on the telephone.

And in your response you have to inform me the out come of your discussion with him on the phone. And clearly put me in the known of your ability and reliability to handle my family treasure. I have give you the power of authority and as you already know that this family treasure means a lot to me and my only surviving Son so I can not afford to toy with it. I re-iterate like as I told you yesterday that I am really upset with this development. I await your response.

Regards,Your love. Mrs. Rosaas Savimbi


In my dream, a black swan came to me with a broken wing. By the shores of a polluted lake, I laid hands upon the beautiful creature where it was sorely wounded and said prayers of healing to Jesus Christ our Lord.

I could feel the healing power of the Lord pass through my body and hands, and the swan's wings became healed and strong. The dark waters transformed into a sea of treasure, gold coins and jewels. The swan transformed into a nubile black princess who kneeled before me, naked and radiant in the golden light of God's love. We embraced as soulmates, and became as one to glorify the Lord in word and deed and to become instruments of his love for eternity.

Angus O'Mann
Your humble servant and poet

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Poem: Wendy's gave me the finger

An excerpt from
Angus offers Wendy’s a hand.
by Angus O'Mann

The jokes have started, course they would:
Their chili’s finger-lickin’ good!
Their finger food is really fun!
Their burgers come in human buns!

Sales are down through Wendy’s system
As a fan I will assist them.
And urge them not to hide or choke.
They need to get in on the joke.

You’re in the news each day, don’t blow it.
Listen to your Fast Food Poet:
Your next promotion is be a dilly:
Body parts in every Chili!

It’ll set the competition cursin’.
Collect ‘em all and build a person!
Bev got ankle! Phil got toes!
Pam got a nose that really blows!

Sam gave pinkies to sweet Bridget
(Her collections in the double digits!)
Jim got earlobes. So did Billy!
Lucky Sue got her first Willy!

A call to arms!

The copycats will be infernal:
KFC made with real Colonel
Chicken Patties with real Patty.
Kid’s meals with real Lass and Laddie.

Windows like this will be shut
By Taco Box and Pizza Butt.
There’s digging at Roy Roger’s grave
White Castle’s fattening up each knave.

So come on Wendy’s, do not fail us
You started this whole digitalis.
To miss this chance would be so silly.
You’ll get the thumbs-up from your chili!

copyright 2005 Angus O'Mann, Fast Food Poet

To Rosaas: Yak problems

Rosaas, dear:

Please do not get alarmed. we will work through this. I will not let you down.

As I suspected, there is a problem with this Peter Yak. I don't know what it is yet, but I have delayed my trip for at least a day.

Please see the message below. The hotel reservation information he sent me was a lie. He never made a reservation for me. Further, I have been unable to find any indication that there is a Nordic Security Trust office in Madrid.

My friend has told me that he heard there are people who lure other peoples to countries like this and then hit them on the head and take their money. Many of them trick people from Internet emails they send out. Could he be one of them? Could he be planning to take the Family Treasure once I sign it out? Why did he lie? Why is there no record of this company?

I am investigating more. Please do not worry. I just wish you were here so we could lie down together and figure this out.

Your protector,


Bookings Sol Melia wrote:

Dear sir:

I am sorry but we do not have any record of your reservation or any reservation matching that confirmation number. In fact, the booking confirmation number does not match our sequencing number system. Perhaps you are booked at a different hotel?

Please feel free to contact me if you need to make a reservation, or if I can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,
Santiago Ferrer Rapp

Friday, May 06, 2005

To R: Your Complete Man is coming

Sweet Rosaas:

I am leaving now (in a few minutes) for the airport. I am concerned, though, because I have received inadequate travel information from Peter Yak. I called the hotel and they could not confirm my reservation. They are to double check and call me back on my cell phone. But my bags are packed, I ready to go. I'm a bit nervous, I confess. I do not like to travel unless I know precisely where I am going, my ground transportation and location of lodging.

Rosa, you are not only sexy, but smart! You are even teaching me words in my own language! I never knew "idiomatic _expression" before. How did you learn such good English? You are quite a woman.

So in Africa, a boner is called a "complete man"? Like I might say "Rosaas, I got a complete man just thinking about you," or "You gave me a complete man."?

Does that mean my last name O'Mann means something obscene in Africa language?

I will tell you about the swan shortly, but I've got to leave for the plane, my love. I cannot wait until the family treasure is restored to its rightful owner, you, and we can be together and glorify the Lord together over and over.

Your complete man,

Angus O'Mann

The true nature of God 2

Another possibility is that one of the Greek gods figured out a way to start knocking off the other gods on Olympus until it was just he or she. This God really didn't like humans and just keeps playing practical joke after practical joke. Thunder is just that god laughing like hell over a good one he just pulled, like someone getting good news on their biopsy, then getting hit with by a dumptruck while walking to their car at the hospital.

That would explain my sadistic muse.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The true nature of God

It just hit me suddenly that God may actually be this precocious bored boy who keeps this universe and mankind in particular hidden in the closet and used to torture mankind until he got bored with it and put it in a shoebox in his closet and forgot about it. Jesus was a friend of his who came down to help but God found out he was messing with his toy and got pissed. So we've been left alone and he's fogotten but when he comes back, like cleaning out the closet and finds the box, that's when it'll hit the fan again.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Rosaas: Do you feel 4 me?

Dearest Rosaas:

Yes, that is how I feel. The Lord has spoken to my heart and told me that he has brought us together for more than a financial transaction. He has informed me that he has bestowed romantic feelings on both of us for each other. Now I am not naive. I know this could be Satan playing tricks with my heart. The only way I can know it is true is if you have the same feelings bestowed upon me from you.

I ask you clearly: Do you feel romantic feelings for me, as if brought on you from God?

Anxiously awaiting,


Dear Mr. Angus,

Thank you and GOD bless you and yours. I have read and understood your mail. But I must tell you that I am worried not reading in your mail regarding the latest update of our business understanding.

Be inform that I feel romantic as a human being,but you have to be aware that I have lost a man that was there for me at all time and since then I do think there is going to be a perfect replacement, to this end I do not think of allowing a man to come into my life. But your determination is gradually dragging me into that I thought I could not get into soon.

Mr. Angus, It beat my imagination that you do not inform me about your contact with Dr. Peter, if you have conclude arrangement of how to take delivery of my family treasure. I am worried due to the present condition I really want to get this transaction concluded as soon as possible so that I can have rest of mind.

I sincerely want to read from you today regarding your arrangement with the Nordic security and trust on how you will take full possession of my family treasure.

With much regards,

Mrs. Savimbi.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

From Rosaas: Your soft feelings

Dear Mr. Angus,

Good Morning to you and yours, I thank you once more for your concerned about me. I sincerely do hope and pray that all is well with you and this mail meet you in the best mood. I give profound gratitude to GOD for the mercies and breath of life HE gave us for free.

First I apologize for my not able to respond to your mail yesterday as usual.
I have read all your mails and well understood. Honestly I am deeply touched. I want you to know that my word is my BOND. You said you have asked me questions and I do not answer them, but to the best of my knowledge I have answer questions from you.

Regarding sending you my passport I have told you that I do not have presently. You are aware that I am on asylum and I do inform you in my previous mail that I will slap pictures with you soon. If I have it I will send to you.

Regarding meeting you in Spain I have also told you that I can not make the trip due to the above problem. I went further to promised you that as soon as you confirm taking full possession of the family treasure I will immediately start to process my traveling document and embark on the trip to meet you in the States.

Regarding me been involve with another man in my life right now. I am also touched with this. Do you know what I saw or experience in the past due to the predicament that GOD allow to befall on me. Be inform that I have seen it all except death. I do not have another man in my life. I want to agree with you regarding how you feel about me. I am very emotional. I requested your partnership with me and I stand by it, you are my partner. Regarding your soft feelings for me I have told you that once you confirm to me that you have the funds in your bank account then my coming to meet you is certain that I am coming for you.I think I can imagine how you feel about me and I do appreciate you in all ramification.

Regarding our business understanding, I want to say here bravo that you have contacted the office in Spain. Be advise that you are my nominee and you now have the right to act on my behalf as stated in the Power of Authority/transfer of right and privileges. I do trust you and believe in GOD that He brought us together for a purpose. Its obvious that our meeting is the fulfillment of the WILL of GOD. I beg of you not to disappoint me. You have to discuss all modalities with them regarding your taking delivery of my family treasure and get back to me and inform me when exactly you will be traveling to Spain.

Your share of the funds is stated clearly, and you will surely have it.

There is no doubt, I am happy having you as a man who is understanding, loving and well determined. I can not wait to see and embrace you.

Best regards,
Mrs. Savimbi.

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