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Sunday, May 01, 2005

From Rosaas: Your soft feelings

Dear Mr. Angus,

Good Morning to you and yours, I thank you once more for your concerned about me. I sincerely do hope and pray that all is well with you and this mail meet you in the best mood. I give profound gratitude to GOD for the mercies and breath of life HE gave us for free.

First I apologize for my not able to respond to your mail yesterday as usual.
I have read all your mails and well understood. Honestly I am deeply touched. I want you to know that my word is my BOND. You said you have asked me questions and I do not answer them, but to the best of my knowledge I have answer questions from you.

Regarding sending you my passport I have told you that I do not have presently. You are aware that I am on asylum and I do inform you in my previous mail that I will slap pictures with you soon. If I have it I will send to you.

Regarding meeting you in Spain I have also told you that I can not make the trip due to the above problem. I went further to promised you that as soon as you confirm taking full possession of the family treasure I will immediately start to process my traveling document and embark on the trip to meet you in the States.

Regarding me been involve with another man in my life right now. I am also touched with this. Do you know what I saw or experience in the past due to the predicament that GOD allow to befall on me. Be inform that I have seen it all except death. I do not have another man in my life. I want to agree with you regarding how you feel about me. I am very emotional. I requested your partnership with me and I stand by it, you are my partner. Regarding your soft feelings for me I have told you that once you confirm to me that you have the funds in your bank account then my coming to meet you is certain that I am coming for you.I think I can imagine how you feel about me and I do appreciate you in all ramification.

Regarding our business understanding, I want to say here bravo that you have contacted the office in Spain. Be advise that you are my nominee and you now have the right to act on my behalf as stated in the Power of Authority/transfer of right and privileges. I do trust you and believe in GOD that He brought us together for a purpose. Its obvious that our meeting is the fulfillment of the WILL of GOD. I beg of you not to disappoint me. You have to discuss all modalities with them regarding your taking delivery of my family treasure and get back to me and inform me when exactly you will be traveling to Spain.

Your share of the funds is stated clearly, and you will surely have it.

There is no doubt, I am happy having you as a man who is understanding, loving and well determined. I can not wait to see and embrace you.

Best regards,
Mrs. Savimbi.


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