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Sunday, May 15, 2005

R: Ghost of Jonas Savimbi

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:

Dearest Angus,

I have read and understood your mails, I hope and pray that this mail meet you well.
My heart bleed that you have this problems ,You have gone through the website I sent to you regarding my late husband,the only things you can pick out from there is "(rape, murder, burn women and children alive, etc.)" May GOD almighty forgive you for this.

I want you to take Iraq for example where America and Britain has gone to over run the Saddam's Government. Would the world asume that President Bush and blair committ and aid all those atrocity that is still going on there today? Jonas was just a leader that want the rule of low, equal right and justice for all his people. You have further compound my pains with your mail. I can not hide my feelings. Honestly I do not expect such from you most importantly when we talk of loving each other. I really do not want to talk of him in order not to refresh the wound inflicted on me with that lost.

First you complain of Dr.Zak not like a professional financial executive, all because he do not serve your needs You also informed me that he did not book hotel reservation for you, but he sent you a reservation number which you have confirmed to be lie. However in your last mail you have agree that he only book for two days, who is lying? after which you now talk of two days, if you get there can't you extend the reservation? Be inform that his name is not Yak but Zak!!! I sincerely do not really understand you, your ability and reliability to handle this project.

You have also said that you can not embark on the trip if Dr. Zak do not give you his arrangement about who pick you up from the airport, give you land transportation arrangement. Honestly what is your concern with land transportation when whom you are going to meet in Spain is coming to pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel.

Dr. Zak Requested that you have to talk to him on the telephone so that you can arrange how you will be received in Spain.

Now with your request and that of Dr. Zak where do I go from here? I ask you?

I look forward to read from you today.

Best regards,

Your love, Mrs. Savimbi

Dearest Rosaas:

I did not make myself clear, and I am sorry for that. I was not disrespecting your husband. I read much about him and could see that he was a great leader. Some times in wars atrocities are necessary. Some times the men at the top must do things even they consider evil to acheive the ultimate good for their people. But that does not mean that it is easy and not painful for the ones like you who love such men. You must bear the news and innuendos, the curses of widows and the crying of orphans. It is the great men who get the blame. That is why they are great men, because they can bear it. They can risk their immortal souls for the good of their people, just like God sacrificed his only begotten Son so that we, his children, could be saved from the eternal fires of hell.

As for George W., My dear, we were attacked by ruthless and desperate zealots. Directly after 9/11, there was a silence around the world, I believe, and even enemies could empathize with the suffering our people endured. That was a defining moment. Bush could have called for unity, for peaceful resolution among nations. He could have said: "These people are wrong and they will be punished. But let's find out why these people feel such anger toward us. Let's change it." But he responded with the same ignorance and hate with which we were attacked. He indiscriminately bombed innocent people, not bin Laden. He used it as an excuse to justify attacking Iraq. Like Jonas, he is responsible for his decisions.

Rosa, you need to understand that people look at Bush and think that he represents America. But most Americans are good people, they are caring, but they are afraid. Our leaders exploit this. And that is why we are building the Principality of New-Utopia. With your political experience, you could be a valued leader there. And we will honor your husband, Jonas Savimbi. I do not condone his means, necessary or not, but if you say he was a good man, that is enough for me.

I am just a humble man, a lowly poet, a peasant. I am honored you could love me after having been with such a great leader.



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