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Friday, May 27, 2005

R: Thanks for the insult

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:

Dear Angus,

Thank you for the insult. I pray fervently that GOD almighty will reward you abundantly.

Now you have again accused me of acting more like Dr. Zak's partner instead of you. I do not act like his partner if you want to know. I have my monies in their custody. So I have to ensure that my Family's hope is safe and do not go into wrong hands that is what I think they try to do. I take you as my partner and acted that way, I did request him to give you all you requested, he called you several times and left a message on your phone. your phone been on answering mode he ask you to call him on the telephone so that both of you could discuss and arrive at a compromise. You then claim of your ill health that informed your inability to call or discuss on the telephone. Tell me how did I support him?

Mr. Angus, Do you realize what it is to handle business of this nature? I do not forgive you for you telling that Dr. Zak and I intend to take your money from you. Have you money?. Now you complain that I made you to lose over a US$1000 dollars. You do not lose a cent but I do. Its only a mad man that would go to sleep with his roof on fire. You insinuation or assumption can not take you any where. Do you remember when you told me that the seat on the aircraft will be empty? This statement give me reason to doubt you ability to work with me but then I have to be fully vindicated.

You think you are wise and very intelligent, But be rest assured that it were you stop that another man start from. You called me amateur simply because you feel you senior me and you are Mr know it all. You have the power of attorney with you. so how am I suppose to act?
Honestly I do not envisage this transaction to last long like this but I believe that man proposes and GOD disposes.I intend to end the relationship because of the short comings from you. be rest assured that this is an opportunity that you can never get any more as you stand to lose this.

I have requested you to sign on the two document you have with you that you have relinquished you partnership and send it to that attorney and copy me.

GOD bless you and yours.


OK. I accept your apology. I appreciate your prayer for God to reward me abundantly. I appreciate you saying that I am Senior you. I do not believe that. I believe we are equal in the eyes of the Lord. I will put aside my hurt feelings and I will pray that God almighty will reward you abundantly as well. You were more wise and level-headed than I to send a nice message instead of responding with anger.

I believe that we let our personal feelings get in the way of business. I have accepted the fact that we were not meant to have a personal relationship, and that we will not be together except as business partners. Today I hired a travel agent who will create my travel itinerary and make all of my travel arrangements to Madrid. I am meeting with a spanish-speaking translator who may accompany me on the trip as well.

Please tell me how you want me to send or secure your funds once I have satisfactorily received your family treasure.

best wishes,


PS. How did you know about my house burning down while I slept last year? Did you read the news report?


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