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Monday, May 02, 2005

Rosaas: Do you feel 4 me?

Dearest Rosaas:

Yes, that is how I feel. The Lord has spoken to my heart and told me that he has brought us together for more than a financial transaction. He has informed me that he has bestowed romantic feelings on both of us for each other. Now I am not naive. I know this could be Satan playing tricks with my heart. The only way I can know it is true is if you have the same feelings bestowed upon me from you.

I ask you clearly: Do you feel romantic feelings for me, as if brought on you from God?

Anxiously awaiting,


Dear Mr. Angus,

Thank you and GOD bless you and yours. I have read and understood your mail. But I must tell you that I am worried not reading in your mail regarding the latest update of our business understanding.

Be inform that I feel romantic as a human being,but you have to be aware that I have lost a man that was there for me at all time and since then I do think there is going to be a perfect replacement, to this end I do not think of allowing a man to come into my life. But your determination is gradually dragging me into that I thought I could not get into soon.

Mr. Angus, It beat my imagination that you do not inform me about your contact with Dr. Peter, if you have conclude arrangement of how to take delivery of my family treasure. I am worried due to the present condition I really want to get this transaction concluded as soon as possible so that I can have rest of mind.

I sincerely want to read from you today regarding your arrangement with the Nordic security and trust on how you will take full possession of my family treasure.

With much regards,

Mrs. Savimbi.


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