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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rosaas: In God, Not Angus, I trust

Morning Mr. Angus,

I have read and understood your mail.

I have duly informed you of my stance regarding my family treasure and that stance remain valid. I do not have the time and money to waste in partnership with you any more for you have betrayed my trust reposed on you. I can not sit and watch you take me up and down all in the need to assist me.

Now you have come again by hiring a Spanish translator who will go with you, this is uncalled for,
I have requested you to kindly relinquished your partnership/nomination sign boldly on the documents with you and send to Barr Abdul Aminu and copy me as well, this is all I need from you and nothing else please. I have so much regards for you as a man. I am badly and seriously hurt with all your accusation calling me a scam. and liken my family treasure to that of a scam. I do not deemed it fit and joyful to have you as my trust worthy partner that I envisaged who surely want us to move forward in life. Remember in my previous mail I asked you if you are not playing with me. I sincerely agree with you that there are bad people and there are good ones as well.But in GOD I trust.

Honestly I look forward to receive from you today what I requested.

Mrs. Savimbi.


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