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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Rosaas: Most chocked by email

Dearest Angus,

Thank you for your mail. I have read and understood the content therein. I am most chocked the your mail. Like as I have told you in my previous mail that I thought I understand and have an agreement with you. But to GOD be the glory

Be inform that I never called you a liar!! but rather asked who is lying. You told me one thing and I believe you and went on to confront the holder of my family treasure and got a different story, coming back to inform you the report from Spain you then give me another story which confirm that the Nordic are right. Now you accuse me of defending them.

Now you have also accused me of asking you for me and your advisers has told you earlier that I will soon ask you for money. To this end you have resolved that I am a scam (4.1.6) First I will say I do not forgive you for that statement. You claim to have spent US$1300 on flight ticket which is not refundable. I spend money in paying for the attorney's fee and the fee for the Power of Authority you have with you. I did not ask you for any cent.

The hotel they booked for you for two days was empty. GOD knows if I am telling you the truth. I out to have know before now that you are not in any way serious. I want to inform you that you have toy with an opportunity that can never come your way any more. Please you have to ask that your so called attorney to sign on the document you have with you, that you have voluntarily withdraw from the transaction and send back to my attorney and copy me.

But GOD will reward you for coming to wake up my love feelings that was deep asleep.
I want you to please do this soon.

Best regards,

Your love, Mrs. Savimbi


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