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Friday, May 13, 2005

Rosaas: My black swan

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:
Dearest Mr. Angus,

Good day to you and yours. I sincerely hope and pray that this mail meet you in a happy mood. I have clarify your complain from Spain. Honestly I am disappointed over the report reaching me from Nordic office. That you have never talk to Mr Peter Zak on the telephone and when he called your phone is always on answering machine. You have never call him for once. do you remember that I requested you to call Dr. Peter Zak. I hope you are very much aware of the amount involved in this transaction.

Regarding the reservation, he said he booked a reservation for you. That the reservation number he sent to you is OK. Dearest Angus, I want you to tell me the truth if you are truly helping me?I hope you are not just playing with my life?

The third paragraph of your last mail has given me concerned, and its has also informed my sending you this following site so that you can view it for yourself. I totally disagree with you in that regards. Before that mail you sent three mail informing me that you are leaving for the airport and in the next few minute you sent the fourth mail to inform me that there is a problem. I ask you once more, Hope you are not playing with my life?

I am of the opinion that you have already see the above site on the net. My love feelings was asleep and you have come to wake it up. Foolishly, I fell in love with you and now look at what is happening. Please for GOD sake you have to talk to Mr. Zak on the telephone.

And in your response you have to inform me the out come of your discussion with him on the phone. And clearly put me in the known of your ability and reliability to handle my family treasure. I have give you the power of authority and as you already know that this family treasure means a lot to me and my only surviving Son so I can not afford to toy with it. I re-iterate like as I told you yesterday that I am really upset with this development. I await your response.

Regards,Your love. Mrs. Rosaas Savimbi


In my dream, a black swan came to me with a broken wing. By the shores of a polluted lake, I laid hands upon the beautiful creature where it was sorely wounded and said prayers of healing to Jesus Christ our Lord.

I could feel the healing power of the Lord pass through my body and hands, and the swan's wings became healed and strong. The dark waters transformed into a sea of treasure, gold coins and jewels. The swan transformed into a nubile black princess who kneeled before me, naked and radiant in the golden light of God's love. We embraced as soulmates, and became as one to glorify the Lord in word and deed and to become instruments of his love for eternity.

Angus O'Mann
Your humble servant and poet


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