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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rosaas Savimbi wrote:

Dearest Angus,

Good day to you and yours. I hope and pray this mail meet you well. I have read and understood your mail.

You complain of phobia, when did you developed this? You use to travel with your father on international business.!!!

I am highly disturbed with your complain, I have contacted my family attorney regarding you stance and that of Spain (Dr. Zak) and he has advise as follow:-
After careful review of our correspondence he requested you to get in touch with Dr Zak and conclude all other arrangement regarding your going there to take delivery of my family treasure.

That you have to send to Dr. Zak the sum of US$2500.00 as part of convincing them that you are serious and you mean what you are saying. This will be use as part of paying for the hotel reservation.

He also doubt your sincerity and ability to handle and manage the family treasure.

Honestly I can not but give thanks to GOD for all his mercies on us. I completely agree with my family attorney. I can only believe that you are ready to assist me in getting this transaction concluded for our mutual benefits. Dr. Zak has told me that if you fail to talk to him on the telephone and arrange on how you coming to Spain and other modalities he is not interested and will not answer you even when you come. I do not doubt your claim that you can not talk on the telephone, to this reason I have to agree with my lawyer that you send the US$2500.00 to them, with that I can convince them that my nominee is sincere, reliable and trust worthy.

They are not happy with your attitude and they way and manner by which you are going about this transaction, knowing fully well that huge sum of monies is involved.
I look forward to read from you today to enable me know the next line of action.

Best regards,
Your love, Mrs. R. Savimbi


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