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Friday, May 06, 2005

To R: Your Complete Man is coming

Sweet Rosaas:

I am leaving now (in a few minutes) for the airport. I am concerned, though, because I have received inadequate travel information from Peter Yak. I called the hotel and they could not confirm my reservation. They are to double check and call me back on my cell phone. But my bags are packed, I ready to go. I'm a bit nervous, I confess. I do not like to travel unless I know precisely where I am going, my ground transportation and location of lodging.

Rosa, you are not only sexy, but smart! You are even teaching me words in my own language! I never knew "idiomatic _expression" before. How did you learn such good English? You are quite a woman.

So in Africa, a boner is called a "complete man"? Like I might say "Rosaas, I got a complete man just thinking about you," or "You gave me a complete man."?

Does that mean my last name O'Mann means something obscene in Africa language?

I will tell you about the swan shortly, but I've got to leave for the plane, my love. I cannot wait until the family treasure is restored to its rightful owner, you, and we can be together and glorify the Lord together over and over.

Your complete man,

Angus O'Mann


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