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Thursday, July 07, 2005

$14M funding update (1)

mama williams wrote:

Dearest Beloved One,

Thank you for your email. I urge you not be be annoyed with me that i did not respond to your questions earlier before this is because i though you careful read my very first email to you carefully.

I will like to tell you that this is not what you think as this is not a fraud and at the same time you should know that no woman will lie with the death of her loved one how much more to accord such a terrible sickness and misfortune to her self.

Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the period of nine months due to cancer problem.The one that disturbs me most is my stroke sickness.

Already i have approved you to be the person the money is going to be transfed to since i am not going to leave any more and at the same time i have already introduced you to my bank as my foriegn beneficary officailly and i want to transfer all the money to you.

The urgency in requesting for your details is for the fact that i do not have time anymore here to stay on earth due to my ill health and that is the reason why i need to transfer the money out fast before i die.Can you please forward at once to me you


This is for my bank to transfer the money urgently to you.Giving the money to you as a Christian will help me fulfill my dream which i am unable to acomplish due to my short time of stay here.

Please remember that all christain should love one another as the holy Book says love your neighbour as your self and with love all is conqured.You can help me and my children with the money you i will be transfering into your account when i am no more . I have forwarded to you all that you need to know .
I will be waiting to hear from you to know my faith.May God Bless you
Mrs Williams Kokou

My Dearest Mama Kukoo:

I am confused by your email below. I am excited that you want to fund my poetry project and help me publish my life's work. You are the best! How could I be annoyed with you?

I am so sad you are dying because the world needs more people like you. I asked Jesus why he would take someone so good like you, instead of the evil greedy people who are harrassing me for past due payments? Why can't he call them home? But he said he'd have to get back to me, he had another call.

I did not accuse you of fraud. Why did you think that? I just want to know how many of my poems you would like me to send you, and whether you want to be called "Patron" or "benefactor" on the first page of my book dedication. Please let me know.

I am assembling the information you requested and will send it when I hear from you next! Thanks again! God bless!

Angus O'Mann,
Fast Food Poet
Poet Laureate of New-Utopia


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