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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

$14M: Kukoo love

Dear Beloved Angus:

I am happy to hear from you and i have decided to listen to your advise of changing my email ID .

I will like to let you know that it is where i am writing you from now.Always write me here.Please try as much as you can at the same timetry you best to let me know of the position at the bank and with the transfer of my money.

Has the bank transfered the money? If they have let me know please.I have been weak and i have not been able to go there to ask them the position.I beleibve thatyou can tell me the position please and for us to succeed please co operate with them.
Love, Mrs Williams Kokou

My Sweet Williams Kukoo:
I can't believe that you love my poetry and then that you changed your email and took out the "KKK" part the same day that I suggested it. I am not actually used to anyone actually taking me seriously and listening to my advice. Especially a respected woman worth over $14 million dollars. You have changed my life in a most compelling way and touched me in unimaginable places.

I am cursed with a poet's compulsion to create at all costs, even when the subject matter seems trivial or even silly to grown-ups and the end result will bring me not fortune nor fame but ridicule and homelessness. And then you came into my life and it seemed that hope, that thing with feathers, as Emily Dickenson called it, flew back into the open window that is my brain. It is my curse - and just my luck - that a woman who stirs my emotions comes into my life when she is on her deathbed and getting weaker by the minute.

Williams, I am afraid that I may let you down and not be worthy of your trust. My mind is a twittering bird built for poetry, rhyme, distractedness and lunacy. I must confess that I do not have a mind for business or money and I am overwhelmed. I do not want to disappoint you or betray your trust.

I am sorely confused. I have been contacted by two different banks and several people. the first is "Dr Mrs Collette Jean" Do you know who this "Dr Mrs Collette Jean" is and what I am to do with her or him.. Something about Monaco?
Then there's this other person DR MUSTPAH MOHAMMED fom the coite divoire blah blah blah. Is this written in French? I sent him a bunch of stuff including my passport but I got the message below.

I am confused. If you want to find another partner, I understand. Be aware that I am a failure. I have failed at everything I tried except poetry. I do not want to fail you, dear, my love, as you lay dying. Please advise.


The message:Hi. This is the qmail-send. I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. Error 02373: User's Disk Quota Exceeded. Sorry, your intended recipient has too much mail stored in his mailbox.


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