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Sunday, July 10, 2005

$14M: Need particulars

Dear Brother Angus OMann
Thank you for your lovely peom and letter to me.I am happy to hear from you but i want to let you know that if you do not SEND TO ME YOUR BANK ACCOUNT PARTICULARS Brother Angus nothing will be done and the money wont be transfered and niether will you book be lunched as you want it to be.

I want you to send to me a detail copy of your bank account particulars so that i can give it to my bank to commence the transfer as time is no longer on our side due to my bad health.

Mrs Williams Kokou

Mrs. Williams Kukoo:

I am so glad you loved my poem! I have decided that I will call you "benefactor." That is from the Roman "bene" meaning "good" and "Factor" meaning "Thing to happen to me."

Here is my bank information. Transfer away!


Blue Ball National Bank

Address:1060 Main Street, PO Box 580, Blue Ball, PA 17506
Contact: Mary Contrary
Phone: 717-xxx-xxxx
Fax: 717-xxx-xxxx
Account Name: Angus O'Mann
Account #: xxx xxxx x
Routing #: xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is tooo funny lol

4:40 PM


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