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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

$14M: re: "wonderful peom"

Dear Brother Angus

thank you for your email.I read all that you said and infact i am very very greatful.Please do not worry as i have contacted the bank and they said that my money is complete that it was just a typographical erro and as such they have rectified everything.

Please do your best for me as i am waiting to hear from that bank that the money has been transfer and to hear from you too that the money has come into your bank account.Please keep our transaction totally confidential and do not tell anyone about this please as this is for the saftey of my life and for the saftey of the money which is my only hope.

Let me hear from you now.

Mrs Williams Kokou

Dear Brother Angus OMann
Thank you for your email and for your wonderful peom i read it over and over again before i went to bed this night.Please you have a loving heart and i beleive you will help me too.May God BLess you.
My Love
Mrs Williams Kokou


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