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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

O'Mann to receive $14M bequest

TO: Angus O'Mann
FROM: Mrs. Williams Kokou
SUBJECT: Dear beloved one

Dearest Beloved One,

Perhaps this would go down as the most difficult letter i will ever attempt to right in my life. I am not sure that it will adequately conveys the remorse I feel at this moment how do I begin my story? How do I tell this story without shedding tears Tears of sorrow Oh God I think you for giving me this opportunity to air my view and to share this story with some one.

I am Mrs. Williams Kokou from Ivory Coast. I was married toMr.Late Mr Wiliams Kokou who was a contractor with thegovernment of Cote D'Ivoire before he died in the year 2003after few days in the hospital.The doctor said his deathwas as a result of poison.We were married for so many years with two small children agirl of 4yrs and a baby boy of 1 year. Before his death wewere both born again Christian. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of$14.500 Million with a Bank in Cote D lvoire. Presently thismoney is still in the custody of the Bank in Cote D lvoire. Recently, my Doctor told me that it is very likely i willdie within the next nine months due to cancer problem. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to achurch,organization or good person that will utilize thismoney the way I am going to instruct here in.I want a church,organization or good person that will usethis fund for orphanages, widows and other people that needhelp and also propagating the word of God and to endeavor that the house of God is maintained.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Bank in Cote d' lvoire. I will also issue a letter of authorization to the bank that will prove you the present beneficiary of this money. Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing another good person, church, organization for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein. Hoping to receive your response immedaitely. Thanks and Remain blessed in the Lord. l remain yours sister in Christ.

Mrs. Williams Kokou.

Dear Mrs. Kukoo:

Thank you for your touching letter. I am so sorry to hear you only have nine months to live due to cancer problem. I am happy that you are like I am: A born again Christian. I know that dying is hard (I have actually died twice before but was rescuscitated both times. The second time I was there so long I actually was introduced to me rommmate. Nice fellow). But know that there is an afterlife - I have seen it - and each of us will be rewarded or punished based on how we lived our lives. Those who cheat their fellow man will be in for a shock in the next life!

Still I weep for you. I do not know if I am the man to help you. I am a poet. The Lord has called me to glorify the world and his works, even the most mundane, like fast food, with my words. My goal is to raise enough money to publish my own religious poetry books and some day publish the poetry of others as well.

Would helping me with my Christian poetry business fit with your desires for the $14 million dollars you need help giving away?

Please let me know, yes or no. If no I understand. But I want to be honest with you. I am not interested in taking money then using it for some other purpose, like gambling and prostitutes or my own fruit smoothie machine, just because the donor (excuse the term) "kicked the bucket," as they say.

Thank you for your email. I wish we had met before you were dying. You sound like a very nice lady. Your husband was a lucky man. (At least until he got poisoned).

Yours in Jesus,

Angus O'Mann, Fast Food Poet
Poet Laureate of the Principality of New-Utopia

Christan Penticostal Mission InternationalTrenchville,Abidjan,Cote D'IvoireWest Africa.

Dearest beloved Angus O'Mann,

Thank you so much for your loving letter and your accepting to assist me.Iam happy and may God bless you in abondance.I am happy and because i donot have anywere to go to. Your letter have put so much hope in me. As a matter of fact i really prayed and fasted to God after which the good God led me to you as the rightful person to assist me in this transaction and such do not entertain any atom of fear i am always with you as regardsto the poet you mentioned i will wish you to go ahead and use the moneyfor whatever you wishes to as long as the name of the lord is being glorify.

However the money involved is $14.5million us dollars Please all you have to do for me now is to help me is just to send to meyour account particulars so that I will be able to give it to my bank tocommense the transfer.Please this account particulars you will be sendingto me should havethe following.YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERSYOUR BANKS ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND FAX NUMBERSYOUR PRIVATE PARTICULARSYOUR PRIVATE TELEPHONE NUMBERSYOUR PRIVATE FAX NUMBERSYOUR CONTACT ADDRESS.

Note:The 20% which we promise to give you will be different as it is for your assistance alone.Please I plead to you to keep this between me and you because i am afriadof people to know that a young woman of my type inherited such hugeamount.Please find attached is the copy of all the bank documents andinformations and picture in respect to my claims so that you may see i am not a person of diminished responsibility.My Life and that of my children is at stake and i know what it means as aparent and my heart goes out to them. I am now hyperintensive and ill as i write this mail because of the excessive pressures that i have had toface.Hope to hear from you soon to enable me finalize this in time so thatiwill be with you soon, Thanks and God bless you and your family for helping my life.I shall wait to hear from you as soon as possible tocomplete this transaction. Yours sincerely, Mrs Williams Kokou

Beloved Ms. Kukoo:

So you do approve that I use the money to fund my series of poetry books that deal with the struggles of a Christian and his relationship to his God and fast food? Would you like to review the poetry itself or the titles? Would you like to be named as "Patron" or "Benefactor" or "Publisher" of these books?

I have tears in my eyes from the faith you put in me!

Please let me know if this is acceptable, which title you would like and how many poems you would like me to send you to review.

I will prepare the information you have requested.

Do you have a picture of yourself you can send?

God bless you again. I will be honored to include a poem in your honor!

Angus O'Mann


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