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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SUBWAY® Ltr #2

Barbara XXXX
Customer Service Representative
Subway/ Doctor’s Associates
Milford, CT 06460

Dear Ms. XXXX:

Thank you very much for your form letter.

I believe that your sorrow at my visit to Subway not being “what [I] expected it to be” is heartfelt. I know this because you say it twice. And, from your vivid description, I can envision the legions of owners, managers, and employees valiantly working together to make each sandwich and salad properly. Your form letter made me reconsider whether my expectations were too high. Could I be, at least partly, at fault for my unrealistic expectations? Poets have been known to fixate on the “ideal” rather than the real, which can be dodgy in the fast-food industry.

So I asked myself: “Would I have complained if I had gone to Subway with the clear expectation that I would bite into his apple pie, only to find out, a short while later, that it was growing two forms of mold? Hmmm….”

While it gives me pause, I don’t believe I would have gone to Subway if I had that expectation. I was operating from the idealized expectation created by your advertising depictions of food that is mold-free.

I am glad to hear you use information like mine to improve your operations. I am very glad that you shared my comments with the regional office in my area and the owner of the Subway restaurant down the road from me now. Could you please send me an update of the actions that have been taken to address the improper food handling and/or storage practices at this SUBWAY® location? I am only aware of the effort that has been put in to contacting the customers who were served mold laden apple pie: none. That amazing effort is only matched for your concern about the person who bit into said apple pie: none.

I shall forward this information to the County Health Inspectors to see if they have more interest in addressing this matter than the franchise owner, the regional office and Doctor’s Associates.

I look forward to sincere form letter number two (“I’m sorry that my response was not what you expected it to be” perhaps?)


Customer ID: 36405

PS I took your advice and visited your site for complete nutritional information. I looked up the Apple Pie, but you missed one fuzzy green ingredient.


Blogger Old Man Morri said...

hey dude, i was thinking of starting a blog where i write letters to people, and then scan in thier letters, for all to see.

I even have a catchy name. "may contain traces of nuts"...

I reckon that you and me should share this blog as in five word stories etc.

let me know

2:43 AM


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