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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poem: Get McRich McQuick

Instructions on how to get McRich McQuick!
By fast-food poet Angus O’Mann

Go pour hot coffee right into your lap
Then hire some lawyers to make a big flap.
“Their coffee’s too hot! We couldn’t have known!
What horrors lurked under that styrafoam!”

Your kid is so fat, he’s Pizza the Hut,
A waterbed? No, that’s my teenager’s butt!
He ate all the Big Macs his money could buy
Begged family and friends for McNuggets and pie.

Sue McDonald’s! For Junior is now supersize
From inhaling those myriad burgers and fries!
Sure suing the restaurant seems a bit odd,
But lawyers confirm there’s no way to sue God.

McDonald’s kills moo-cows, their place you should picket
Start class action lawsuits to smite down the wicked!
On a beach in Aruba, you’ll drink some fine scotches
With wealthy Shamu-boys with coffee-stained crotches.

By Fast Food poet Angus O’Mann
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited
© 2002 Angus O’Mann


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