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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Praise for "A Shame"

"His genius is of rare calibur..." Rhyanna

"I loved it... I'm going to read it again and again." Glatt, after reading his first O'Mann

"...most amazing..." Wolf

"I'm impressed..." Lunaephiliac

"I like it, it says it all." Catwoman

"...kick-me-in-the crotch and spit-in-my-face good..." Lookout123

"I really do like Angus and not just because he's going to make me Princess..!" Brianna

As gathered by Beestie:
"Witty, Clever - Fun for the Family" - Variety"
Brilliant Economy of Words" - The New York Times
"Cuts like a Cold Knife on a Hot Day" - The Saint Loius Dispatch
"It Leaves You Begging For More" - The Boston Herald
"Not Since Lennon, I Tell You, Not Since John Lennon" - The Village Voice
"The Wisdom of Twain Meets the Wit of Carrot Top" - The Utne Reader
"You Say Poet Laureate, I Say Poet Hilariot!" - Matt Lauer on Good Morning America


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